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Live Leather, Love Leather




The Studio by Tiger Leather offers a unique selection of hair on hide rugs, ranging from traditional to contemporary. We work with the best hair on hide rug producers to create our unique and functional rug collection. Combined with over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry, The Studio by Tiger Leather brings the same level of experience and quality to the home.

Rugs are laser-cut and glued or stitched into beautiful shapes and patterns. Since hair on hide is a natural product, colors vary creating one of a kind pieces. From stripes, squares and other geometric patterns, these rugs grab immediate attention in any room. Hair on hide rugs are a durable and low maintenance option for high-traffic settings. Complete with backing, each rug is made to last. Natural attributes provide a stain resistant surface, keeping each rugs luster for many years to come.

We value the unique qualities that each person possesses and hope to enable confident expressions of style through hair on hide rugs. Bringing quality and design together for a truly one of a kind experience in your home, workplace or wherever inspiration is needed. We hope you find the perfect way to express yourself through our designs while adding more beauty, color, and style into your everyday life.

"Bringing quality and design together for a truly one of a kind experience..."